Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cold Weather Winterizing Checklist

1. Close foundation vents if temp drops into the low 20’s or lower.
2. Drain outside hose bibs.

a. Locate shut-off valve(s). Usually one is in the garage for the front faucet and one under the sink for the back faucet.) To shut off, turn clockwise until tight.
b. Go outside and turn outside faucet(s) on. You should not get any water coming out of faucet. If you do, you may not have the shut-off valve all the way off.
c. Go back to the shut-off valve and twist the bleeder valve cap. You may need a pair of pliers. Make sure that the small black rubber gasket has not stuck itself to the valve covering the hole. If it has, peel it off to allow air into the valves.
d. Return to the outside faucet and you will notice some water dripping out of the faucet. (If the plumbers were unable to slope the pipes, you may also get some water coming out of the bleeder valve cap, so have a bucket or towel handy.)

3. Shut off in-ground sprinklers.
4. Open cupboard doors. This is especially important if temp gets below 20 degrees. Also open Jacuzzi Tub access door so that it will not freeze.
5. Let faucets run SLOWLY.
6. When going on vacation, shut off the water and the hot-water heater.

TO SAFELY THAW PIPES: Use hair dryer, heat lamp, or electric heater. DO NOT use an open flame or electric arc welder.

DO NOT use rock salt on driveway!!

If pipes are broken or split, shut off the water and the water main, the water and water heater circuit breaker. We recommend that you call a local plumber in your area so further damage will be prevented.


Friday, October 1, 2010

New exciting Casita Designs

Be sure to log onto to see our exciting new Casita Home Designs that we are building in our Kramer's Meadows subdivision on Bull Mountain. We are completing the framing of our first home on lot 17 and will be starting construction on our second home (lot 9) next week. Great Stuff!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1, 2010 It’s Show Time!

It’s that time of the year again where you will start seeing the summer home show events popping up around the area. This year the Street of Affordable Homes, located in Forest Grove, will be back in full force and no better timing then during a struggling housing market.

The truth is that a recovering housing market is a large part of strengthening our economy. With unemployment at an all time high and households having to adjust their living expenses it only makes sense that we are building more affordable.

For those new home buyers that can afford to buy this is absolutely a perfect opportunity. Interest rates are still extremely low, land values and construction costs have dropped to early 2000 pricing and builders are offering more in their product. It has always been an interesting part of the human nature that we react to the urgency in an up-swing market and become complacent during down-turn market. The economics of buy low and sell high applies equally to the housing market and there has never been a lower low than now.

Enough of trying to convince you to drop what you are doing and rush out to buy a Roth Construction home! Let’s talk about what you are going to get to see at this up coming event. We have designed this absolutely wonderful floor plan that has been absent of our market for far too long. The idea of detaching part of the living space from the main part of the home will allow any number of uses. Our first thought is that as we are growing older so are our parents and what better way to keep them close and allow them self-dignity of having their own living quarters. This could be used as a workout room, study, music room, guest quarters, and even to rent it out for some extra income.

We should be wrapping this home up around the middle of June so we will be looking forward to seeing you at the show.

**Please visit our website for more information**

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Tim Roth (Pres)