Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cold Weather Winterizing Checklist

1. Close foundation vents if temp drops into the low 20’s or lower.
2. Drain outside hose bibs.

a. Locate shut-off valve(s). Usually one is in the garage for the front faucet and one under the sink for the back faucet.) To shut off, turn clockwise until tight.
b. Go outside and turn outside faucet(s) on. You should not get any water coming out of faucet. If you do, you may not have the shut-off valve all the way off.
c. Go back to the shut-off valve and twist the bleeder valve cap. You may need a pair of pliers. Make sure that the small black rubber gasket has not stuck itself to the valve covering the hole. If it has, peel it off to allow air into the valves.
d. Return to the outside faucet and you will notice some water dripping out of the faucet. (If the plumbers were unable to slope the pipes, you may also get some water coming out of the bleeder valve cap, so have a bucket or towel handy.)

3. Shut off in-ground sprinklers.
4. Open cupboard doors. This is especially important if temp gets below 20 degrees. Also open Jacuzzi Tub access door so that it will not freeze.
5. Let faucets run SLOWLY.
6. When going on vacation, shut off the water and the hot-water heater.

TO SAFELY THAW PIPES: Use hair dryer, heat lamp, or electric heater. DO NOT use an open flame or electric arc welder.

DO NOT use rock salt on driveway!!

If pipes are broken or split, shut off the water and the water main, the water and water heater circuit breaker. We recommend that you call a local plumber in your area so further damage will be prevented.